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Gareth started out making wedding videos whilst still at school when video cameras were heavy and cameramen had muscles. After leaving college to work as a AV technician in a nursing college he became the technical manager in local government providing support for all council run events from library storytimes (where he met Frances who was then a Children’s Library Assistant) to major outdoor events for 15,000 people (sometimes less when it rained!)

After deciding to leave just before his department was closed down by council cuts in the late 1990’s, he became a freelance AV technician working at events all over the UK and beyond.

When not playing with cables and noise making stuff he enjoys mucking about in boats and tinkering with old machinery including his beloved Series 3 Land Rover.
Frances came to the AV world later in life. In a weak moment, she “volunteered” to help Gareth at some of his events - the rest is history!

After work experience and a Saturday job in the local library, she left school, but stayed in libraries. Having a long interest in crafts, when a position on a craft magazine came up closer to home, it was the obvious move. Management changed, and at about the same time that Gareth was thinking of leaving the council, the publisher was moving and there was no working from home in those days. Time to go freelance.

Starting in conferences running the Slide Preview Room - yes, 35mm slides, remember them? Whilst she moved into other areas of AV, vision and PowerPoint design are still her preference.

Any spare time is spent running or planning her next tattoo.